2 thoughts on “Tough Interview Questions

  1. Great comments, Jess. In working with clients, frequently high tech start-ups and tech service companies, trying to raise angel and VC financing,I teach that EVERY question is a welcomed opportunity to “make points”, the tougher the better. Answer them well and you’re on. Later, review those tough questions you struggled with and come up with better answers for the future. And if you really can’t come up with good convincing answers, be careful; your business idea may not be so great!

    Years ago running a public company, we had some “shorts” trying to knock our high flying stock price down and using my quarterly investor conference call to do it. Great opportunity to practice what I now preach.

  2. Thanks Peter.

    What you are saying is great. In fact, in the sales world they say “You Want Objections!”
    Every objection dealt with is one step closer to the sale. In this case, we’re selling ideas.

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