Ambush Interviews

The very prospect of ambush interviews scare people. Just the very idea that someone might sneak up on you when you are not ready and broadcast your answers to the world makes people’s knees shake.

Even if you don’t think “A Current Affair” or “TMZ” is planning on doing an impromptu interview with you, there is always the chance a reporter stops you at a conference or trade show. There is always the chance you pick up the phone and get sucked in to talking to an over-zealous reporter.

Use these media training tips and techniques. While we don’t wish an “ambush interview” on anyone, we do wish you the best success for being in control. The good news, there are solutions.

Media Training is not just about getting your body language and voice up to par. It is about control. The more control you have during a media interview, the great chance you have of getting the exact messages you want into a story.

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