Getting Asked Back When doing a TV interview, radio interview, or print interview, there are a few goals. One goal should be to get in what you were hoping to say. A bigger goal is creating a specific outcome from the media interview. Most people forget this part.

Beyond that, you want to be able to make the media happy. You should give them what they want. You should be giving the audience or readers what they want.

But… if you can get asked back, you have the opportunity to double your results. If you do a great job on your second interview, maybe you’ll get a third.

After that, you may get into what I like to call… the rotation. This is gold. This is what you wish for. That means, whenever there is a story that matches your topic, you become one of the top go-to people. This is part of becoming someone the media loves. This is part of building your own brand or being able to use the media to get your messages to the world.

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