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Success in Media, Inc. is the media training arm of Results First Training.
Success In Media was established in 2003


Results First International is a personal & professional development company. We help clients by focusing on the results people need, and mapping a course towards that destination. Skills are not the desired outcome. It is just the path towards creating more profit and action from clients, prospects and the world.

Areas of focus:

Presentation Skills
Includes standard presentation training, sales presentation training, as well as PowerPoint workshops. Concepts are practiced, recorded, and critiqued in this hands-on approach. All participants walk away not just with an intellectual understanding of what to do in the future, but the experience of trying new concepts and seeing them succeed. A full year of on-going training is included after the training day or days have concluded. Participants get better and better long after these trainings and don’t forget their new, game-changing techniques.

Sales Training
Courses featured include Power Sales Standard, Power Sales Advanced training sessions, Power Sales for Women, Role-Playing Workshops, sales presentation training, phone sales training and consulting. As with many of our core programs, a year of post-training services are included to insure each participant can not only remember everything they learned, but continue to act on it and see the results they desire.

Leadership & Team Building
Experiential programs designed around the needs of your company. We work with the top names in the leadership training arena to create programs that will not only be enlightening, but create the long-lasting change to help your organization achieve new results. Companies looking to inspire their workforce and reignite passion can choose a program tailor-made to their needs.

Media Training & Consulting
We can help you to not only look and sound more comfortable, but to leverage every media situation. Our unique process will help you focus on the best messages you would like to see in interviews. We give you an answer system to be able to deal with any question that might come your way, and we help you to refine your answers into the types of sound bites or quotes the media wants. While traditional media training will stop there, we will weave in sales techniques you can use to “sell” people on your ideas and get the audience to take a desired action. Interviews need to be approached very strategically. If done correctly, you can see the results far after the actual interview has ended.

Results First Digital
-Internet Marketing planning and execution
-Web Marketing Video Production
-Internet Syndication Service – Mass distribution of marketing videos for purpose of creating web traffic
– Live Streaming Internet Broadcast Service – planning and production
-Internet Email Marketing – Campaigns and design
-Video News Reels
-Customized television or Web TV Shows
-Podcast Production and Distribution
-Virtual Conferences
-Live Streamed Events

Business Services

-Business Writing
– Celebrity Branding – Brand yourself as the celebrity in your niche
-Author Mentor & Marketing program
-Map Your Business Plan
-Pitching Your Product or Business
-Time Management Workshops

Results First Training – 1 (800) 369-3421

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