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Media Interviews: Practice Smarter Not Harder

Media Interviews should be looked at strategically. I get asked all the time how people can practice faster. Many people say they’ll spend a half a day or more practicing. This sounds overly optimistic.

If you have a media interview and would like tips on how to practice smarter not harder, watch the video below:

Walking Off the Set of an Interview

While this is not something I recommend, (I recommend using media training skills to shape the interview and steer in your direction.) check out Jeanne Moos’ humorous review on “How to Walk Off a TV Interview:

Dealing with Unprepared Interviewers: Media Skills

What happens if you’ve done the media training, you’ve thought about how you want your interview to go and then all of a sudden you find out… your interview knows nothing about you or your topic?

I say, you can’t beat this interview situation! This means they are at your mercy. They must follow your lead. They must go where you take them.

Media Skills: Start With the Results You Are After

The Washington Post calls Jess Todtfeld a “Media Training Expert.” Jess Todtfeld explains these techniques to CEOs, CFOs, executives, experts and authors.

Watch closely so you can know how to begin with the end in mind… we’re talking about RESULTS. Media skills are not some elusive set of skills that you must take years to learn. You can quickly take these communication tips and implement.

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